Quality Assurance

We have a four-stage formal system to
thoroughly monitor all the customers’ needs.

Stage 1 – Farm visits

The quality control process begins right from the farm. We have a devoted a team who visit agriculture across India and interact with farmers to gain their views on soil quality and appropriate climate conditions for fresh plants.

Stage 2 – Acquisition of raw materials

The second phase includes raw material procurement. All basic materials are purchased either on the market or directly from farmers with enormous attention.

Stage 3 – Processing and packaging

We have a team of professionals who are fully specialized in processing, packaging, and loading. We are extremely alert throughout the whole operation to ensure that no extraneous matter is found in our cargo.

Stage 4 – Shipping

Finally, for shipping, we use certification from third parties and checklists at home to check all containers that we use for cargo shipments. All containers are carefully monitored before transport in order to comply with food safety norms.

Best Quality

Quality at IMG is a concern, and therefore laboratory testing and certification for our freighters are regularly acquired. In addition, we also provide our customers with weight and quality reports based on their needs.
Due to our dedicated team which is untiring through all phases in order to strengthen the customer’s satisfaction and to communicate with pleased customers, IMG has been in the leading industry for over 10 years.

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